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our sanitation

Our high-temperature dishwasher kills 99.999% of bacteria and viruses. Our dishwasher has gone through extensive testing to ensure that all containers are completely sanitized every time they pass through. 

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reuse and COVID-19

We believe that our reusable packaging is the best solution to maintain safety during the pandemic. Here's why: ​


All containers are sanitized in our high-temp dishwashers. We guarantee sanitation with every wash. 

no fear of COVID and packaging!

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has declared that no COVID-19 cases have been linked to food packaging. 

zero contact returns

We ensure that there is no contact to return your containers to keep you safe!

scientists approve!

Over 100 scientists from around the world have come together to study reuse during COVID-19, and they have declared it safe!

individualized packaging

Our sealed containers mean you can enjoy your own food from a social distance! Individualized packaging has never been less wasteful!

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