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The POS System Helping Restaurants Adapt to the Rise in Online Ordering

Updated: Jul 23, 2021

The restaurant industry has been moving towards online ordering for years, but the pandemic accelerated the transition dramatically. Prior to the pandemic, 29.6% of Canadians reported ordering online once a week. By March of last year, that number increased to 45.5%.

Regardless of where orders are coming from, a successful restaurant needs an array of well-designed features that come together to create a harmonized experience. The chef that builds a beautiful menu is just one element of many: suppliers, staff, management, location, and pricing are all essential. In the world of quick-serve restaurants, efficiency and speed are also keys to success. The right point-of-sale (POS), is indispensable for all restaurants, and especially for cafes and fast-casual eateries where speed is everything.

What’s Koomi POS?

Quick-service restaurants rely on their ability to fulfill orders quickly to drive revenue, however the increase in ordering options available to consumers has made it difficult to keep up. Koomi POS is a fast, streamlined POS and online take-out/delivery app made specifically for quick-service restaurants. Their system integrates mobile, online and in-person orders, so restaurants can manage all orders in one place!

When rush hour hits, restaurants need to be able to manage and accept orders from anywhere. Koomi’s iOS platform allows restaurants to manage all aspects of their POS system and manage all orders, wherever they come from. By streamlining the process of order entry and integrating apps like Uber Eats and Square Payment, restaurants can prevent customer-loss and increase revenues during a rush!

Transformation in the food industry is happening because of the actual lifestyle and increase in online activities. For restaurants, it is now time to push their own channels in front of potential customers.

Koomi can provide you with an intuitive restaurant POS and online ordering app to step up your restaurant’s experience. Check them out here.

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