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Best eco-friendly, sustainable gifts to give this holiday season🎄

Holiday shopping is an exciting mix of creativity, a few stressful moments, and is wrapped with joy when finally finding the perfect gift for the people you love. Finding those gifts can be a challenge, and if you are worried about the impact on the environment that your purchases make - it can be even more frustrating.

Give the gift of sustainability this Christmas!

In this article, we will share our top picks for gifts that are useful, memorable, and eco-friendly. You will be surprised to discover how many sustainable product options are out there - lots of small businesses offer their take on popular Christmas items that are made with care and love to the Earth.

Thank you for doing your gift shopping more responsibly!

Make your friends and family smile while reducing your impact on the environment. Here are some of the best sustainable gift ideas this holiday season:

1. Audiobook - saves paper and time. Listen on your daily commute or while exercising!

2. Refillable water bottle or travel mug - saves plastic and reduces the amount of trash that ends up in the landfills.

3. Up-cycled jewelry - turns trash into something beautiful that completes your look.

4. Reusable tote bag - saves single-use plastic and paper bags. Has multiple uses: from grocery shopping to carrying your laptop.

5. Activity to do together - get out and get active! Take yoga or spin class. Experiences can be much more valuable than stuff.

Guelph - Pilates in Guelph

London - Yoga Centre London

Waterloo - Resilience in Motion

Hamilton - Modo Yoga

Stratford & St. Mary's - Genuine Fitness

6. Plant - adds life to any home and improves air quality. Remember to buy from small businesses and local growers using sustainability practices.

7. Sustainable sunglasses - premium plant-based eyewear, ethically handmade on the sandy shores of Australia with proceeds used to fund impactful environmental causes.

8. The Renewable Box - makes it easy to start living a sustainable lifestyle with a curated selection of essential eco-products selected for beginners!

9. “The Robe” from Flax Sleep - apart from linen being lightweight and breathable, it uses up to 20 times less water and energy to produce than cotton, and nothing goes to waste.

10. Restaurant gift card - learn more about our partnering restaurants that are committed to sustainability and give your loved ones a gift of zero-waste takeout experience!

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