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Do you operate a restaurant, food truck, catering business, market, food service business, or other food business?


We have unique solutions that will allow you to easily serve reusable packaging.

Our program allows you to offer reusable packaging without having to worry about maintaining inventory, tracking deposits, or washing containers.  

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start reusing now!

We pick up, clean, and restock you with cleaned containers when you order! 

Step 5

We supply you with our takeout containers - just as any other supplies provider

Step 1

 Get started with the Friendlier containers by purchasing our Reusable Container starter pack! 

Customers ask for Friendlier containers when they order.

Step 2

Customers return containers to the collections bins.

Step 4

You pack food in the reusable containers.

Step 3

frequently asked questions

is this more work for my staff?

No. The only difference is a container deposit is added to the meal, similar to if a customer wanted to upgrade their side dish or add a topping to their meal. Meals can be made in the containers as usual and sent out.

how do customers get their deposits back?

Customers can download the free Friendlier app or head to our website to input the unique code on the container. When we receive the container back, we will send them their deposits through their account with Friendlier.

is this more expensive?

Our containers are very comparable in price, if not cheaper, than most disposable takeout containers. They also drive increased revenue by driving customers to your restaurant through increased marketing, and by being a drop-off location. See what our partners have to say!

do customers want this?

Yes! When presented with the option, over 46% of people are actively choosing reusables over disposables! The reuse movement has started and the desire is only going to get stronger.

is it really good for the environment?

Our containers are made in Ontario with 24% less energy than standard disposable takeout containers. Every reuse drives the impact lower and lower. Single-use packaging uses 80% more water than reusable packaging. By reusing we drive down emissions, water usage, and waste.

how do the containers perform?

Our containers keep your food hot. The airtight seal keeps your food fresh longer. They are microwave and freezer safe. They are lightweight and stackable, perfect for not slipping around in a delivery bag! Try them for yourself and request free samples!

FAQ's for businesses

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