frequently asked questions

 what is friendlier?

Friendlier is a company on a mission to make reusable packaging the default food packaging. We supply foodservice businesses with reusable takeout packaging and use our app to return your deposits. We are making reuse easy, so everyone can participate. 

what are the benefits?

Reuse is the best way to save waste and reduce resource consumption. By keeping products in circulation, we get the full value of the containers, before recycling it into a new product at its end of life.  By choosing to reuse, you are contributing to a movement that challenges the take-make-dispose model and proves that we can consume sustainably. 

is reuse safe during COVID?

Yes, we take sanitation seriously! Our high-temperature dishwasher is rated to kill 99.999% of bacteria and viruses and has been approved for use during COVID.

do I have to wash the container before returning it?

No, you are not required to wash the container, however, we ask that you rinse it out before returning it.  

how do I get my deposit back?

Before returning your containers, scan the QR code on the bottom with our mobile application. Your deposit returns will accumulate on our app. You can watch your balance grow, or request a payout. Please allow 1-2 weeks after the drop-off for the deposit to be returned.

what if I don't have a phone?

You can claim your deposit right here on our website. Scroll to the bottom of the site, and you will see a button to claim your deposit on the web. 

how does it work?

Businesses offer their meals in reusable containers. Upon the purchase of your meal you will pay a small deposit. When finished, scan the QR code using the A Friendlier Company app and return the container to any collection bin. All collection points are displayed on our app and website.

where can I get friendlier takeout?

Check Our Partners page for the full list of Friendlier locations. This list is growing, so please stay tuned - sign up for our updates or create a free account and we will inform you when new locations become available near you.

is this better than compostable?

Yes! Compostable containers are single-use products that may or may not break down when disposed. Our system saves energy, waste, and resources!

why not just recycle?

While recycling is undoubtedly a necessary component, we need to ensure that products and materials are designed, from the outset, to be reused, repaired, and remanufactured. The circular economy aims to prevent waste and pollution from being created in the first place (read more here)

what if my container is broken?

If your container is broken, scan and return it anyway! We will make sure it gets properly recycled! You will still get your deposit back.


frequently asked questions
for businesses

is this more work for my staff?

do customers want this?

No. The only difference is a container deposit is added to the meal, similar to if a customer wanted to upgrade their side dish or add a topping to their meal. Meals can be made in the containers as usual and sent out.

Yes! When presented with the option, over 46% of people are actively choosing reusables over disposables! The reuse movement has started and the desire is only going to get stronger.

how do customers get their deposits back?

is it really good for the environment?

Customers can download the free Friendlier app or head to our website to input the unique code on the container. When we receive the container back, we will send them their deposits through their account with Friendlier.

is this more expensive?

Our containers are very comparable in price, if not cheaper, than most disposable takeout containers. They also drive increased revenue by driving customers to your restaurant through increased marketing, and by being a drop-off location. See what our partners have to say!

Our containers are made in Ontario with 24% less energy than standard disposable takeout containers. Every reuse drives the impact lower and lower. Single-use packaging uses 80% more water than reusable packaging. By reusing we drive down emissions, water usage, and waste.

how do the containers perform?

Our containers keep your food hot. The airtight seal keeps your food fresh longer. They are microwave and freezer safe. They are lightweight and stackable, perfect for not slipping around in a delivery bag! Try them for yourself and request free samples!