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refer a restaurant

Do you want your favourite food-spot to use reusable containers? Let them know by sending an email using our provided templates.

click the link below to generate an email request, or copy and paste the email template below

reusable takeout containers

Hello *Insert Restaurant Name*, 

My name is *Insert First and Last Name*. I was recently scrolling through Friendlier's list of participating locations and was disappointed that you weren't on the list. I would love to see your location offer reusable packaging. 

Friendlier is a women-owned, Ontario business that is on a mission to make reuse easy. They use Ontario-made reusable takeout containers and facilitate the collection and sanitation of the containers, so all you have to worry about is making your delicious meals. 

I have cc'ed Friendlier to this email, and hope that you will connect. You can also learn more at I would love to be able to get reusable containers at your location and know there are many others in the community who agree. 

*insert name* 

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