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it's easy to return a container

We’re redefining takeout for the health of the earth. Our reusable containers are made for the environment and food lovers.
Returning a Friendlier container to a collection bin
A pork dish in a Friendlier reusable container, in front of a take out bag



Visit a participating Friendlier location and get food in a Friendlier container. While some locations only use Friendlier containers, most locations offer our containers as an option, so make sure to ask for it! You might have to pay a small $0.50 - 1.00 deposit when you order, but don’t worry, you’ll get it back when you return the container.

Tip: ask for your food/drink served in a Friendlier container!

Woman looks at her salad in a Friendlier reusable container



Eat your food, drink your drinks. Whenever your finished, scrape any remaining leftover food remnants out. Don’t worry about washing your container, rinsing is appreciated but not necessary. 

Tip: If you have leftovers, keep it for another day. Our containers are freezer, fridge, and microwave safe!

Phone scanning the QR sticker on a Friendlier container



Use the Friendlier mobile app to scan the qr code sticker on your container. Alternatively, you can log into your account on and input the alphanumeric qr code there.

Why scan? You get money back with every Friendlier container return. Scanning lets us know to reimburse your account!

Tip: find the qr code sticker on the bottom or side of the container

A Friendlier container being dropped into a return bin



Drop your container off in a Friendlier collection bin at any of our participating locations. Yes, any!

Friendlier mobile app homescreen showing environmental impact of container returns



We give you money back when you scan and return your container. You’ll see it in your account 1-2 weeks after you dropped off your container. When it appears in your account, you have the option to deposit it through e-transfer, or donate it to a featured charity.

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